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Character Risk Assessments

DigiNotas has partnered with Boston Biometrics International (BBI)® who has developed proprietary, breakthrough character risk assessment technology that has been independently validated by a renowned psychometrician and clinical psychologist as accurate by a probability factor of more than 1,000 to 1. BBI's Character Risk Reports are highly reliable indicators of a job candidate's character risk level regardless whether s/he already has a criminal record. End-user employers who regularly use these Character Risk Report assessments will substantially reduce their risk of employee violence, harassment, sabotage, and theft in the workplace. Our Character Risk Assessments adhere to EEOC and OFCCP guidelines and protocols and is FCRA compliant.

Character Risk Report - This report displays (1) summary number that indicates on a sliding scale (between 1 and 99%) the degree to which a candidate possesses (a) on the upside, sterling character (is highly trustworthy, etc.), or (b) on the downside, extremely risky character (is at high risk to commit workplace violence, harassment, theft and/or sabotage). Once employers have received background screening information and narrowed the field of finalist candidates, many will purchase Character Risk Reports for the remaining candidates to further screen for hiring risk.

Job Performance Score - This report indicates on a sliding scale (between 1 and 99%) the degree to which a given candidate will be successful in a given job. BBI's "Probability of Success" number is based on how closely the candidate's Character Traits and Personality Type match the job's intangible requirements.

Job Performance Report - This report displays all the information from the Job Performance Score plus an in-depth analysis of the degree to which the candidate's Personality Type and Character Traits match the job's intangible requirements.

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