Did you notice that having a game plan is only part of the equation? The other part is having good people to execute that plan. Building a qualified team starts with a screening process that gives you the best choice of candidates to fill your personnel needs.

Why should I do a background check?

A background check is the best chance you will have to verify information provided by your candidates. Background checks will not only validate what is on your candidates' resumes, but they will also tell you what's not on their resumes, such as any past criminal convictions, credit history or other information that was accidentally omitted from their resume. The cost of not protecting your company will always exceed the cost of a background check. DigiNotas makes it easy for companies to order the kind of background checks they want, on demand.

How long does it take to get results back on a background check?

Thorough reports are completed in 48-72 hours. However, some aspects of a request can be completed instantly, such as Address History, Credit Reports, and some Statewide Criminal searches. However, most of the search requests require one of our records analyst to physically walk into a court house, search, retrieve and record the results. This process can take anywhere from 48-72 hours.

What methods do you provide for returning background check reports?

The DigiNotas DigiPort™ is very user-friendly. You can set your delivery preferences to whatever suits your needs the best. Whether it is email, fax, or a computer interface, the DigiNotas DigiPort will suit all of your delivery needs.

Is it legal to order a background check on a current employee?

Yes it is legal and should be done on a periodic basis. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) reads that applicants, employees, and even volunteers may be legally subjected to a comprehensive background check. It is good practice to update your employee records with a periodic background check. An update typically requires much less research because most of the original background check information does not need to be performed a second time, such as employment and education verification. Most of the time, an employer only needs to include a criminal record search that covers the period of time since it was last checked. This is both easy and inexpensive.

When doing a federal criminal record search, is the whole country included in the search?

In order to perform a federal criminal record search, DigiNotas searches the federal district court system. DigiNotas uses the PACER system (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). PACER is exclusive to the federal district court system for violations of federal laws and taps into the Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts. However, if you are looking for a thorough background check, your search needs to also include County Courts and record repositories.

What is the most thorough or complete type of criminal background check?

The most thorough form of background check is one that includes a county, state and federal level search. Because these three levels are not interconnected (by a common record keeping system), unless you request all three, you will not be looking at a thorough account of your applicant.

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